Bee Great 15 Days of Christmas Sale!


Bee Great 15 Days of Christmas Sale!

Only at the Bee Great Marketplaces in Churubusco and Electric Works & online at

Save 15% or MORE on a different item every day!

(Discount will automatically be taken off at checkout).

November 27: Honey Coffee 

November 28: Beeswax Candles

November 29: Cajun Hot Honey

November 30Cacao Honey

December 1Barrel Flavored Honeys 

December 2: Lotions and Foot Balms 

December 3: Goat Milk and Honey Soaps

December 4: Lotions and Foot Balms 

December 5Honey Filled Candies

December 6Honey Sticks

December 7: Honey Caramels

December 8: Chocolates

December 9: Lip Salves

December 10Wasabi Honey

December 11Popcorn Kits

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Living Local WANE TV 15

Watch How You Can Use Honey All Day from Eats and Drinks to Coughs and Dry Skin Care!

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Bee Great featured on local TV station in Northeast Indiana:

Bee Great featured on local TV station in Northeast Indiana:

Bee Great Indiana Grown

100% Hoosier!

Bee Great honey and skincare products are 100% Indiana! We are a proud family of beekeepers who guarantee our products are not imported, supplemented with out-of-state honey or beeswax, or produced outside Indiana through pollination services. Our bees live right here in Northeast Indiana, and that's where they stay! Only businesses certified and inspected to be Hoosier may carry the Indiana Grown label!


David was named one of approximately 200 Indiana Artisans in the entire State of Indiana for our Bee Great Indiana Whiskey Barrel Honey and a second time for our Rum Barrel Honey. He also serves on the Board of Indiana Artisan. Award winning honey you can trust!


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Donations and Fundraising

Bee Great is all about supporting the local community. 

Before any request, we look to see if you follow us on Facebook and/or instagram, if you are subscribed to our weekly newsletter, and if you've purchased and left a review of any of our products in our store online. We expect organizations to support us, if they want us to support them.

Option 1: Let us fundraise for you! It's simple. You email us and let us about your organization's location, mission, a super brief history, and the purpose of the fundraising event. If we approve the fundraising event, we provide you a code to use at checkout. Your organization distributes the code to everyone you know. They shop and we write your organization a check for 15% of total sales at the end of the fundraiser. That's it! Email us at for more information. (We reserve the right not to conduct fundraising events for any organization).

Option 2: If you are looking for a donation, we have an annual budget for donations, and when it's gone it's gone. But we are happy to consider you for the following year's budget and will notify you if we can support you in the following year if the current year's funds are gone. Send us an email including your organization's location, mission, a super brief history, and the purpose of the event. We also need to know how many people will be attending, and how you plan to spread the word about our donation. (Again, that's free to you and we support those who support us). (We reserve the right not to donate to any organization).

We are inundated with requests for donations so please don't be offended if we are unable to support your organization. However, fundraising events are always possible if your organization is approved. Thanks!