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Honey Coffee

Honey Coffee

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Best Honey Coffee anywhere! It's just two ingredients: organic Arabica coffee and our honey. It's great any time of day! The combination of raw honey and coffee is a powerful duo resulting in the smoothest coffee you've ever tasted, with a pleasant honey finish. Not sweet and extremely versatile. Simply brew it like you would any coffee grounds. You'll notice small clumps in the grounds - that's the honey. The clumps dissolve in the water. Great in a drip coffee pot, cold brew, French press, or whatever your favorite method is for making brewed coffee.

Choose from our 12 oz bag or our 1.5 oz bag using the dropdown menu.

Satisfaction Guaranteed!

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Customer Reviews

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Kristy R.
Great service and great coffee from small business

First tried the honey coffee about a year ago and now can't start my morning without it! Ordered on-line and free delivery the next day. Happy to support a local small business.

Thanks so much for leaving a review! We love to hear from folks who have tried our products. We're so glad you enjoy our Honey Coffee. We're attending Coffee Fest in New Orleans in June, so it really helps us talk to potential retail partners and coffee shops about what people think about the coffee. It also helps people who come across our online store or see our coffee on Amazon. Mostly, it keeps us charged about when we hear people start their day with our coffee, give it as a gift, or that they enjoy it on special occassions with friends and family. Thanks!

Amazing Coffee!

My wife and I have been getting coffee shipped up to Fort Wayne from Decatur, GA. It's one of our favorites. It's been hard to find anything local that compares. Let me tell you, this coffee from Bee Great blows that stuff out of the water. You guys have definitely gained 2 customers! We love the booth at Electric Works!

That's great to hear! So glad you like our honey coffee, and we couldn't agree more about our store in the Union Street Market at Electric Works. It's such a vibrant new space in Ft Wayne. Thanks so much for taking time to leave a review. Much appreciated!

Deliciousness in a cup

I picked up the 50 gram packet while visiting Electric Works just before Christmas. It made three batches of coffee in my French press and was very tasty, smooth and delicious! I'll definitely be back for the larger size.

Thanks so much for taking time to leave a review, Cheryl. We really appreciate it. We've had lots of people tell us they don't like black coffee and that they always add cream, but they don't when they drink our Honey Coffee! So glad you enjoy it.


This honey coffee is delicious! Pair it with the coffee infused honey and you’ve got yumminess in a cup. You have to try it!

Thanks so much for taking time to leave a review! It really means a lot to small businesses like ours to get reviews so potential customers know that when we say we only sell the highest quality products, we mean it. So glad you like the coffee and the honey. We do too!