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Bee Great Local

Pure Raw Honey

Pure Raw Honey

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This is the Best Pure Raw Honey you can find anywhere. We only sell unpasteurized honey, so we never heat it to high temperatures, which denatures the beneficial enzymes. It's delicious raw honey, which means it goes straight from the hive into the bottle. It is unfiltered honey, which causes it to crystalize because all natural honey crystalizes. The big honey packers ultrafilter their honey to remove pollen, propolis, and beeswax to inhibit crystallization.  (See the video below for tips on liquifying crystalized honey). Bee Great honey is also 100% USA honey from the wildflowers of Indiana. You know exactly what you're getting when you shop pure raw honey from Bee Great because we're the beekeepers and we only work with beekeepers locally we know and trust.


Sizes: (Select from dropdown menu)

8 oz (half pound) net weight bear

16 oz (1 lb) net weight bottle

1.5 lb net weight bear

3 lb net weight bottle with flip top lid

5 lb jug - Best Value! (Approx. half the price per/lb)

*Health Benefits

*Kid friendly! Won't break like glass.

*Easy open lid.

*Capture every delicious drop of honey!

*Satisfaction guaranteed!


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Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Delicious honey and amazing customer service

Bee Great not only provides the best honey BUT the fact that it's local is a win/win. I was accidentally given the wrong honey, blackberry bourbon by accident. Not only did the owner make it right but I also got to try something I would typically not have bought. The blackberry bourbon was very tasty -I highly recommend trying the different flavors even if you don't think you would like it. You will be pleasantly surprised.
Another reason I bought local is my 2.5 yr old daughter was sick and in the hospital. Originally, we were prescribed cough syrup but the Dr at the hospital discouraged that because he said he doesn't want her using a suppressant. Rather he suggested we use honey as a cough syrup. We asked about local raw honey, and he said that would be even better!! So, to know there's proven clinical research that supports honey is safer AND preferred for my daughter I was all about stocking up on Bee Great's original raw honey. I got some to send to daycare, so she has "cough medicine" readily accessible if she isn't home.
Lastly, the fact that it has free delivery over a certain amount is very convenient. My family will continue to buy honey from Bee Great and support this awesome business!!

Thanks so much for taking time to leave a review! So glad to hear our honey helped your little one feel better. The ginger lemon honey spread is great for coughs, colds, and sore throats too. So is the eucalyptus shower steamer. And our all natural chest rub works wonders. We use them in our family all the time!


I've gotten our honey at Bee Great for several years now. I placed on online order last night (Saturday night) and it was hand delivered (by David the owner, I think) shortly after noon the next day (Sunday). I don't usually order online but they had a special deal going on (at their stores and online) and I wanted to take advantage of it (spend $35 and get a free beeswax lotion - good through January 2024). I usually buy their honey at either a farmer's market or their Electric Works store. They now sell it at Connolly's Do-It-Best stores, so I'll go there in the future since there is one close by. I was not expecting to have my order so quick, especially since Ft Wayne was in a deep freeze, but the quick service was greatly appreciated and I didn't have to get out! Thank you so much for the service and honey you offer!

Thanks so much for taking time to leave a review. We pride ourselves on fast delivery or shipping! And, we love to hear that you're going to be supporting one of retail partners. Our bees said thank you, too!

Kindra J.
The Best

This is the only place I will get my honey. So many options on sizes, flavors, and its not processed, plus local.

Thanks so much for taking time to leave a review! You're right. Every drop of honey is raw, unfiltered straight from the hive. The best nature can produce!

The only honey we use!

We have been purchasing our honey from Bee Great local since we discovered them at our farmer’s market a few years ago.
Whether it’s for tea, hot cereal, baking or cooking, this is the only honey we use! It’s both healthy and delicious!
I love tucking the smaller bottles in care packages I send to family.
We are so fortunate and absolutely spoiled to have you in the community!

Thanks so much for taking time to leave a review! We love being part of the community, and we appreciate reviews because it helps people outside our community trust us when we say our award winning honeys truly are as good as we say they are. Thanks!


Very good tasting honey! Has really helped my seasonal allergies also. A must staple in my pantry!

Thanks so much for taking the time to leave a review! Honey is so much healthier than many other sweeteners. Great idea to keep it on hand in the pantry.