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We have nucs for sale! We'll have 5-frame nucs this season by mid-May depending on weather. We only have a few, so order now! Pick up only at our store in Churubusco. Sorry, we do NOT ship nucs.

What's a nuc? Great question! This item is for beekeepers. The average death rate for honey bees is about 30-40% each year. That means somehow we all have to replace the bee colonies (that's what we call a group of bees in a beehive) with new bees. The box itself is fine, but we have to put new bees in the hive box when hives die or abscond. (That just means they leave for some reason). Also, new beekeepers have to get their bees somehow. 

Our nucs come in a 5-frame cardboard box like the one pictured. It will have a laying queen. (That means she's laying eggs already). And 4 frames of honeybees. The 5th frame will be drawn comb ready for the queen to lay eggs in to grow the colony. If you're new to beekeeping, you'll also need 5 more empty frames for a standard 10-frame hive. 

Why buy nucs instead of packages? That's completely up to your preference. Packages are a little cheaper, but you just get bees and a queen boxed up together. No frames, no comb, no brood, no pollen, no honey, etc. If you buy nucs from us, the queen is already laying eggs and the frames are full of comb for her to lay in right away. You also don't have to add the queen or release her from the cage. You just lift out the frames one at a time and place them in their new hive. That's it!

We only have a few each year and they go fast! Order today.

Want bees but don't want to go it alone, or don't want to keep them yourself? Let us do the heavy lifting for you, and/or teach you how! Check out our Beekeeping Services for your home or business.

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