Free Local Delivery (No minimum purchase required) and Free U.S. Shipping on Orders $29.95 or More
Free Local Delivery (No minimum purchase required) and Free U.S. Shipping on Orders $29.95 or More
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Who We Are

Welcome to our store! We're the Mullins Family, and we're so glad you're shopping with us! 

We started because we found it hard to find local, quality honey from small beekeepers that we trusted, especially online. We wanted honey in containers that were easy to open and not spill or break! We also wanted to be environmentally friendly, so all our containers are recyclable, and we even use recycled packing material for shipping. We use reusable paper sacks for home deliveries.


Most importantly, we wanted it delivered to the house the next day or sooner. So, we offer same day or next day delivery and free shipping outside the Fort Wayne area.

There's a lot we don't like about honey at the big stores:

*It's heated (That's how they get it to flow through their bottling machines, but it really affects the taste and destroys the enzymes)

*It's filtered (This removes the pollen, propolis, and other hive components. They remove the healthiest ingredients from the honey!) 

*The big guys combine so many different types of honey that it loses it's local flavor and quality (Every batch of our honey tastes different based on the time of year it's harvested and the growing season for wildflowers).

Lots of honey isn't even honey. Look at the ingredients. It's all corn syrup! What the heck is honey sauce!?

Finally, we love our bees and do everything we can to take care of them. Imagine our surprise when we learned that Burt's Bees is owned by Clorox! is the answer!

*We're licensed by the Indiana Department of Health.

*We support the local community. We bottle our products at the Whitley County 4H grounds in their commercial, inspected kitchen.


*We make everything in small batches, by hand! 

*I make all the hives we use. The lumber is cut from dead trees on Dad's property. Even our hives are local and handmade!

*Gabi helps with advertising our products! She's just learning to read and write, and she drew this picture for our Dog Paw and Nose Lotion Bars.


This is Who We Are:

*We only sell the highest quality products.

*We delivery for free, and we ship anywhere.

*We're not some mega corporation that exploits workers and the environment.

*We care about our family and yours.

*We care about community.

*We want to help you buy quality, trusted honey and skincare products online!

Feel free to email us at, or call my cell at 260-229-8356. I'll be happy to answer any questions you have about our products and our business!

Bee Great today!