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Tequila Barrel Honey

Tequila Barrel Honey

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New Bottle! Twice as much honey for same great price!

Another One-Of-A-Kind!

At Bee Great, we never stop coming up with new ways to enjoy our delicious, raw, Indiana wildflower honey.

Treat your taste buds to an exotic escape with Tequila Barrel Honey! This smoky, sweet, and spicy blend of tequila flavored honey, has a fruity agave palate that is sure to tantalize your senses and elevate your favorite recipes. Perfect for a margarita or any other creative concoctions, this complex honey includes notes of toasted American White Oak tequila barrels and is sure to transport you to a world of flavor! 

Contains no alcohol.


net wt. 19 oz

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There is no better way to enjoy this honey than drizzled on cheesecake or key lime pie. It's the perfect addition to peach smoothies too. [Just blend ice, vanilla yogurt, fresh peaches, and honey together].  It adds something special to a cheese tray, and wow does it go great on sponge cake with a little whipped cream. And, it's exactly what your favorite cocktail needs to sweeten it up a bit. Pour it on a plate and cover the rim of your margarita or lemonade glass before sprinkling the rim with salt or sugar.

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