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Raw beeswax is the most versatile product in nature

Sizes: 2 oz or 1 lb decorative; or, 5 lb bulk not decorative

This beautiful piece of raw beeswax smells just like the inside of a beehive on a warm day. It's beautiful to display, and breaks apart easily to share or use. Beeswax makes a great lubricant, wood polish, base for skin care or haircare products, foundation for soap making, and protectant for any metal tools, cutting boards, or woodshop or gardening equipment. It melts easily, and simply snaps apart into approximately 1 oz pieces.

The 5 lb size of our beeswax comes in sticks about 1 inch in diameter and 9 inches long weighing approximately 1/3rd pound each. It is not decorative and must be cut to size. Perfect for candle-making, crafting, or any other application that requires larger quantities of wax.

*Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Overall Dimensions of 1 lb Decorative Block: 8 inch x 8 inch x 1 inch


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