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Bee Great Local

Indiana Whiskey Barrel Honey

Indiana Whiskey Barrel Honey

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New bottle! Twice as much honey for same great price!

Award winning honey!

David is officially an Indiana Artisan and was accepted into the Guild in 2020 for Bee Great Indiana Whiskey Barrel Honey. David was one of only 10 new inductees by the panel of judges that year, and now he serves as a board member.

Discover the unique taste of Bee Great Indiana Whiskey Barrel Honey, crafted with honey flavors reminiscent of American White Oak barrels used for craft whiskey aging. It's crisp flavors blend with notes of spice, vanilla, toffee, and darker hints of a wonderfully complex palette rich in chocolate, coffee, and smoke. Each drop holds an exquisite balance of equally bright, fresh fruit-like flavors, and a distinct zing!

Contains no alcohol.

100% natural Fort Wayne indiana whiskey barrel honey

Size: 19 oz net weight

Satisfaction guaranteed!


Bee Great Indiana Whiskey Barrel Honey goes great in your favorite cocktails, as a welcome addition in your secret barbecue sauce, and it's the perfect addition to your favorite coffee or tea. The Mullins family likes it best as a glaze on salmon, ribs, and shrimp. De-lish!


We do it all by hand in small batches!


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Customer Reviews

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Unique and complex!

This was a gift for my husband, and we both absolutely love it! This honey has a complex flavor that sets it apart from any other honey we have tried. It has just the right amount of personality to enhance without overwhelming, whether on a spoon straight from the jar or in recipes. Our favorite applications have been drizzled over greek yogurt with blackberries and in sauces/marinades. I can't wait to try all the other barrel aged varieties! Fantastic local business to support, too!

Thanks so much for taking time to leave a review, Karen! It means the world to small businesses like ours. We're so happy you like our products!


My husband loves this honey! He never wants to run out!

Thanks so much for taking time to leave a review. It sounds to us like your husband has excellent taste! LOL.

Allison B.

This is hands down the best honey. So much depth to the flavor. It’s absolutely amazing!

Thanks so much for taking time to review our Indiana Whiskey Barrel Honey! We're so glad you are enjoying it.

Jan S.
Whiskey Barrel Honey

From a person who loves Whiskey, and loves honey, this was a marriage made in heaven. It is absolutely amazing!!!!! it gives the honey such a good, different flavor and I also love the bottle it is packaged in. Great Job, Great Honey!!

We are so happy to hear you enjoyed our new Bee Great Indiana Whiskey Barrel Honey! Thanks for taking time to leave a comment. We think it's the finest whiskey barrel honey in the country, but we're biased. LOL! So, thanks for sharing how good it really is with all the visitors to our store.