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Beekeeping Services

Beekeeping Services

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Make an impact and let us do the work!

Imagine a world without bees. Nearly one-third of the human diet can be traced to bee pollination and honey bees are dying at an alarming rate around the world - but you can help!

The cost is $64 per month, every month of the year for 2 years.

Here's What We Do:

We conduct a FREE assessment of your residential or commercial/industrial property for keeping bees and advise you of the ordinances in your community governing beekeeping. If your site is approved for beekeeping, we:

*Install two beehives on your property.

bee great installing package of bees 

*Service the hives (typically once a month but more often when needed) to include mite treatment, feeding if needed, mouse guards, and winterization. We also provide a report for each hive concerning its progress and health after each hive service call.

 bee great frame of honey

*Harvest and bottle 20 lbs (that's about 7 quarts of honey) of your honey for you. If your hive doesn't produce 20 lbs of honey, you'll receive some of your neighbors' honey to make up the difference. Typically, beehives do not produce honey the first year as they are busy filling the hive with honey they will need for the winter. But, you'll still receive 20 lbs of honey! If you want to keep all the honey your hives produce, you just pay the wholesale market rate per pound for everything you keep over 20 lbs. We can even provide personalized labeling! 

bee great harvesting honey

*And, you're always welcome to help at any time we visit. (We contact you before every hive check). We'll even provide the beekeeping gear you'll need. You just join in as much or as little as you wish!

Here's What You Do:

*Pick a spot where you would like to keep 2 beehives next to each other that is at least 50 feet from any street or 20 feet from any property division line or alley. (We can also keep bees on accessible rooftops of commercial buildings with stairway entrance doors. Sorry, we don't climb ladders). We service hives within about 30 miles of Ft Wayne, IN. (We'll let you know if you're too far outside our service area if you're close to the 30 mile radius depending on whether we have hives in your area already or not).

*Pay the deposit online or in person, and we'll look at your address via satellite. Then we'll contact you about setting up the hives on your property. Your deposit is 100% refundable until we deliver the bees, and you sign the 2 year agreement.

*Pay the monthly invoice every month of the year for two years. At the end of the two years, you can purchase the hives and bees from us at a reduced price, or we can take it all away. If you sign up for another 2 years, at the end of the 2nd two year period, you keep the bees and the hives. Or, you just keep paying the monthly fee, and we keep servicing the bees as long as you'd like.

*Sit back and relax knowing you are making a difference! Beehives are fascinating to watch as the bees enter and exit the hives each morning and evening for foraging and for orientation flights around the hives. You can even watch pollen being brought in the hives on their legs as they land on the landing board at the entrance of the hive. 

*You even get to bring your family and friends to watch or help extract the honey at our facility in Churubusco.

*You also get to attend any beekeeping classes we offer for free.

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