Easy Thanksgiving Meal Ideas: Just Open and Serve

Easy Thanksgiving Meal Ideas: Just Open and Serve

Tired of that same old same old at the holidays? Want to add some variety but don’t have a ton of time? Bee Great Honey Spreads to the rescue! Just open them up, put out your favorite bread, crackers, dinner rolls, or croissants, and you’re the hit of the party!

You might have heard of them called creamed honey, spun honey, whipped honey, granulated honey, honey butter, or even soft-set honey. All those terms describe one of the most popular products we sell in our store: honey spread. We, at Bee Great Local, have seven original flavors with two to three rotating seasonal flavors. Cinnamon, Chocolate, Almond, Orange, Ginger Lemon, Peach, and Raw honey spreads make up our seven flavors, and depending on the season, we introduce flavors such as blueberry, raspberry, butter pecan, orange cranberry, mint chocolate, and even cocoa bomb.  We offer two honey sampler sets for sale online. The first is our traditional flavors and the second is a mix of seasonal flavors and our most popular spreads.

Making the spread is super easy. All honey crystallizes. We crush our first batch of crystallized honey with a mortar and pastil. Then we added liquid honey in the right proportion and stirred it together. After a couple of weeks at the right temperature, it was ready to be used as seed for our flavored honey spreads. We just repeat that same process of mixing the original seed with liquid honey and then add Lorrann brand flavorings, extracts, or oils. Keep them at room temperature for a softer consistency similar to peanut butter or keep them in the fridge for a texture more like stick butter.

Bee Great spreadable honey is good for any occasion. It is perfect for any dinner table with freshly baked rolls, or even used in morning coffee or tea. Buy some for your Thanksgiving table to add something unique and unexpected for your guests to enjoy. You can also show your host your appreciation by giving the gift of a honey spread sampler. Pick some up at Bee Great Marketplace or any of our partner stores. You can also find them at Fort Wayne’s fames market at Parkview Field in the winter and McCulloch Park in the summer. Visit us in person or online for a special deal on our Honey Sampler Set. Buy any 6 of our 6oz honey spreads for $25! Shop now!

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