cinnamon spreadable honey
cinnamon spreadable honey
cinnamon spreadable honey
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Cinnamon Spreadable Honey

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Tastes like melted red hots!

Bee Great Cinnamon Honey Spread has no additives or preservatives, it's just raw, unfiltered honey from our family's beehives with a touch of edible cinnamon essential oil and coloring added. That's it! No sugar, no corn syrup, nothing but the best honey around. 

Size: 12 oz or 6 oz net wt (Choose size from dropdown menu)

How to Use

Our family puts Bee Great Cinnamon Honey Spread on ham sandwiches, and in our beverages. It's a great summer time addition to iced tea, always good in coffee, and a spoonful is delicious in hot chocolate or apple cider. Our daughter and her friends enjoy dipping sliced apples, pretzels, or graham crackers in it for a quick, healthy snack.  Oh, and don't forget to try it on your cereal and in oatmeal. Wow! 

*It's a natural process! Check out how we make honey spreads.

*Health Benefits

*Satisfaction Guaranteed!

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