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Ginger Lemon Spreadable Honey

Ginger Lemon Spreadable Honey

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It all started when Gabi caught a cold...

Our daughter Gabi was just a few years old when her pediatrician recommended a honey-based cough syrup to soothe her sore throat and ease her cough. That's when we learned about honey's natural antibacterial properties. We've always used honey in our lemon tea when we've had colds, and ginger has been used for medicinal purposes for thousands of years.

When we first offered Bee Great Ginger Lemon Honey Spread to our customers, we were shocked at how many people loved to eat it just by itself with a spoon! We thought everyone would use it in tea like we did, but it's turned out to be our most popular flavored honey spread by far. 

Like all of our Bee Great Honey Spreads, Bee Great Ginger Lemon Honey Spread has no additives or preservatives, it's just raw, unfiltered honey from our family's beehives with a touch of edible essential oil of ginger, edible essential oil of lemon, and a tiny bit of coloring. That's it! No sugar, no corn syrup, nothing but the best honey around. 

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How to Use

Obviously, it's fantastic in tea or just hot water to rejuvenate your throat. But the Bee Great community of customers shared a ton of other ways to use our Bee Great Ginger Lemon Spread. Put it on salmon; add it to rice; great spread on port loin; use it in your favorite Asian inspired salad dressing; it's AMAZING in stir fry; and one of the expectant moms in the Bee Great community swears it relieves her morning sickness! 


*It's a natural process! Check out how we make honey spreads.

*Health Benefits

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