rum barrel honey
rum barrel honey
rum barrel honey
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Rum Barrel Honey

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International Award Winning Honey!

Award winning honey immune system booster rum barrel honey

Bee Great Rum Barrel Honey is the finest rum barrel honey in the world, and that's not just our opinion. It took 2nd place in the International flavor awards out of 9,000 entries.

We start with the finest, limited edition Jamaican rum barrels. 

rum barrel honey barrels

Our rum purveyor ages their molasses-based rum in American White Oak barrels. The rum is then transferred to whiskey barrels for finishing. We add Bee Great honey to the barrel and let it absorb the flavors of spice, vanilla, and toffee from the tight grains of the barrel. Mostly, we wait for it to age until the honey absorbs the flavors of the molasses used to make the rum that has crystallized in the wood.

This honey has a delicate flavor unlike any honey you've ever tasted. It's light and refreshing. It's buttery with hints of butterscotch, butter rum candies, caramel, and penuche fudge.

It also has honey immune system boosting benefits of the raw, unfiltered honey straight from the beehive that's never adulterated. 100% pure wildflower honey straight from the hive. With a taste like this, you're sure to eat it every day.

Contains no alcohol.

Size: 10.5 oz net weight

Satisfaction guaranteed!


Bee Great Rum Barrel Honey goes great in your favorite beverage. Whether it's a cocktail or tea, this honey ads the most delicate all natural sweetness you'll find. We've tried it on vanilla ice cream, in yogurt, and on warm croissants straight from the oven. Try it on waffles, pancakes, English muffins, and toast too. Entertain friends and family by drizzling it on your next cheese and fruit tray and pair it with your favorite ice wine. Simply amazing. And what a fantastic gift!

Our barrel aged honeys are packaged in burlap bags for gift giving. (Bag color may vary from picture shown here).

This elegant honey bottle even has a built in honey dipper attached to the cork inside the bottle! 

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