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Dog Paw and Nose Balm

Dog Paw and Nose Balm

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 Our dog Maggie is family, so we only give her the best.

Bee Great Dog Paw and Nose Balm helps itchy paws and irritated noses feel better and more comfortable. It’s made with all natural ingredients like our beeswax, so it’s safe enough to lick and won’t sting eyes or sensitive skin, including even the most delicate areas. Because nobody wants to see their pooch feeling uncomfortable, turn to the treatment that works for good.

Size: 1 oz

Benefits & Claims

* Helps soothe itchy paws and nose 

* Protects raw, inflamed skin and paws to give your dog gentle relief

* Kills bacterial and fungal (yeast) infections due to antimicrobial traits of raw beeswax

* Safe to lick and won’t sting eyes or raw, sensitive skin 


Beeswax, olive oil, coconut oil, and shea butter.

How to Use

For larger dogs, rub bar directly on paws and nose. For smaller dogs, rub onto your finger and then apply liberally. Great to apply to external itchy ear flaps. Do not apply inside ear.


*Satisfaction Guaranteed!


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