The Pollinators

The Pollinators

Looking for a fantastic documentary about honey bees and sustainable farming? Look no further. The Pollinators is a new video available through Amazon Prime Video and lots of other streaming services. It's about $10 to buy, and it's worth every penny in my opinion. (Bee Great isn't involved with the video in any way. I just really liked it and thought you might too.)

The documentary is about an hour and a half long. It starts with a peek into a part of honey bees of which many people are unaware. Honey bees are excellent pollinators and millions of hives are taken to California each year to pollinate the almond orchards. Then they are used for apple pollinating, melons, and countless other crops that require pollinating. Even rice fields in Arkansas - which are mostly used to brew beer - require pollinating. The documentary follows commercial beekeepers as they travel the country pollinating crops.

The second part of the documentary takes you into the world of sustainable farming. It shows us that the herbicides that are killing the bees' food sources, coupled with the insecticides that outright kill the bees themselves, don't have to be used as the primary method to farm. Instead, cover crops, crop rotation, and selective planting of species of plants that control insects and provide nutrients to the field can be successfully accomplished. These changes could drastically change the environment, and greatly improve the honey bee's change for survival.

Check it out The Pollinators and let us know what you think.

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