Stop by for all your beekeeping supplies!

Stop by for all your beekeeping supplies!

Since 1863 the Dadant family has served the beekeeping industry by manufacturing equipment for beekeepers, and the Mullins family is proud to be the only Dadant dealer in northeast Indiana! Stop in for all your beekeeping supplies. 

Although we have a small showroom, we carry everything you need to manage your bees.

Equipment we stock includes the following:

Hive components (brood boxes, honey supers, telescoping covers, inner covers, frames, and bottom boards). 

Tools (smokers, hive tools, gloves, and ventilated bee suits).

Mite Away Quick Strips

Pollen patties

If there's anything you want or need, just let us know! We want to grow our inventory to meet YOUR needs.

Our initial order will arrive about the second week of January, 2022.

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