New Brownie Kits - Easy, Fun, and Delicious

New Brownie Kits - Easy, Fun, and Delicious

Bee Great has partnered with the Bloomington Chocolate Company - another fine Hoosier small business - to bring you the best brownies you have ever eaten - Guaranteed! Our 9-year-old daughter Gabi made the Blood Orange Brownies - by herself. Here's how:

Open the kit. Each kit contains a single use pan, flavored olive oil, and brownie mix. The directions are on the back of the bag.

Wash your hands. Then add the flavored olive oil, an egg, water, and the brownie mix. Stir until combined. There will be lots of lumps because of the chunks of chocolate and chocolate chips. Yum!

Spray the disposable baking pan with spray oil, or coat it lightly it with cooking oil with a paper towel to keep the brownies from sticking. Then add the batter.

Bake per the directions on the bag. Then remove from oven. Let cool - that's the hardest part because your house smells like gourmet brownies! Then tear the corners of the pan at the perforations to make cutting the brownies easier. Cut the brownies and serve with Bee Great Indiana Whiskey Barrel Aged Honey, Rum Barrel Aged Honey, Coffee Infused Honey, Bourbon Barrel Aged Honey, Tequila Barrel Aged Honey, or Cajun Hot Honey drizzled on top! Your choice.



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