Beekeeping Services

Beekeeping Services

Bee Great will keep bees on your property, and even teach you how to be a beekeeper for a small monthly fee. Bee Great is a proud member of the National Honey Board, and this short video describes the benefits of beekeepers like us. After you watch it, we'll talk briefly about some of the benefits of beekeeping to you directly. 

  • ​It helps the environment
  • ​It helps the economy
  • ​It’s a fascinating subject to study
  • ​It can provide a great sense of community
  • ​It’s relaxing and can calm stress
  • ​Improves pollination of garden crops and flowers
  • ​Bees can fit anywhere
  • ​Honey has health benefits

Beekeeping Helps the Environment

Bees are pollinators which transfer pollen from one flower to another. This fertilizes plants so that they can grow and reproduce.

Not only are bees critical to agriculture and growing food, accounting for as much as 30% of the world’s food production, they’re necessary for wild plants as well. It’s estimated that as many as 90% of wild plants rely on pollinators like bees to survive and thrive. Without bees, many of these plants would just die off.

Bees not only help the immediate area where they’re kept. They can gather nectar and pollen from miles around, spreading diversity and sustainability throughout the ecosystem that they’re a part of.

Beekeeping Helps the Economy

In America, over $15 billion worth of crops are pollinated by bees each year. This includes everything from fruits like berries and apples to vegetables like cucumbers. And especially almonds! Fewer bees in the world means lower crop yields, higher production costs, and higher prices for customers as well. So keeping bees could indirectly lower the prices that you end up paying for fruits and vegetables at the grocery store if more people did it, and especially if you have a higher yield in your garden so you spend less at the grocery store.

Beekeeping is Fascinating

When you take the time to inspect your beehives and see how everything works, it can be truly awe-inspiring. Most people go about their daily lives without much concern for how much detail and work is going on in the lives of bees.

A hive of bees has a complex social structure, their own way of communicating with each other, and many other intriguing aspects that are much more valuable to learn by direct observation than from a book.

Once you start keeping bees, you see their handiwork everywhere in the natural world. Every plant, tree, or flower is part of a giant interconnected web with bees playing a huge role. You take more notice of the effects that seasons play on the environment since they have such a big impact on the behavior and day to day operations of your hive.

And you’ll be in good company! Did you know that the Greek philosopher Aristotle studied bees. And, Scarlett Johansson keeps bees as well!

Beekeeping Provides a Sense of Community

No matter where you live, you likely have a beekeeping association within driving distance that holds weekly, monthly, or quarterly meetings. It can be a fantastic place to build a network of friends and fellow bee aficionados.

Some people bond and find friends while playing sports. Others are members of a local rock and fossil club. If your interest is beekeeping, why not find some friends who are interested in the same thing?

Even when you’re talking to non-beekeepers, the average person is still intrigued by the idea. You can always have something interesting to say to strangers at a party. Just strike up a conversation about how you’re a beekeeper!

You might be surprised at how many beekeepers live around you that you aren’t aware of.

Beekeeping is Relaxing and can Calm Stress

Like many hobbies, beekeeping is something that you can relax and lose yourself in. Many beekeepers feel that their hobby reduces stress.

As an outsider, you might not think that dealing with a community of creatures with stingers on them would be very soothing. But once you give beekeeping a try, you may find that it’s a very calming experience.

Beekeeping allows you an opportunity to forget about your daily problems for a bit and feel at peace with nature.

Beekeeping Improves Pollination of Garden Crops and Flowers

Bees can help YOUR garden grow, not just full-scale farms.

Keeping bees can make your garden’s flowers larger and more plentiful. It will also dramatically increase the yield of your vegetables and plants that require pollination to produce fruit. So if you’re looking to have the biggest tomato harvest that you’ve ever had, add some bees to your yard!

Just one bee hive is enough to dramatically increase the number of flowers within gardens for a mile or two around their hive. So you’re helping to beautify your entire neighborhood.

Your garden’s flowers will flourish like never before!

Bees can Fit Anywhere

You might have the impression that bees are always loudly buzzing around. But the truth is that they’re usually very quiet. Practically silent from a distance of a few feet.

Bees need very little space. Most beehives measure no more than 20 inches by 16 inches, so they won’t take up more than a few square feet of your property. Subject to your local laws, of course.

They’re also very independent. Almost anyone can make bees work, even if you’ve got a full-time job. They don’t require much maintenance at all. Usually about 30 minutes per week once everything is set up, plus a little extra time to collect honey each year.

Bees don’t care if you live in the suburbs, on a farm, or even if you want to keep them on the rooftop of an apartment building in the middle of a city!

Honey has Health Benefits

Eating local honey can help you build up an immunity to allergies. The logic behind the claim is that because bees are gathering pollen from where you live, you’ll be eating small amounts of the pollen of local flowers and getting immunized, lowering the amount of irritation you’ll feel during allergy season.

Honey has healing properties:

  • ​Soothing sore throats
  • ​Killing antibiotic-resistant bacteria and healing wounds with its anti-microbial and anti-bacterial properties
  • ​Boosting memory
  • ​Fixing dandruff and scalp issues
  • ​And even preventing low white blood cell count as a result of chemotherapy!

​Not all of these claims about honey have been scientifically tested, so we can’t say for sure that honey is a miracle cure. What we do know for sure is that it’s a healthier alternative to refined sugar, and it can be full of nutrients like niacin, riboflavin, iron, and manganese.

Honey also doesn’t spoil under most circumstances. Archeologists excavating Egyptian pyramids have found honey that’s over 3,000 years old and still perfectly edible!

Ready to be a beekeeper but want Bee Great to take the lead? Great, we can do that. Shop now for our Beekeeping Service and we will place two hives on your property and do everything for you, and you can always join in if you wish, for a small monthly fee. Shop Beekeeping Services NOW!

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