love in a mug cold and flu relief gift set
love in a mug cold and flu relief gift set
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Love in a Mug Cold and Flu Relief Gift Set

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Show yourself or someone you know some love today! 

Bee Great has partnered with MudLove in Winona Lake, IN, to show you and those close to your some love during the cold and flu season and beyond. Each of these gift boxes comes with a handmade, artisan MudLove mug embossed with the word Love on the front. In addition, we’ve included our extremely popular Bee Great Eucalyptus Bath & Shower Bomb, Bee Great Beeswax Eucalyptus Chest Rub, Bee Great Beeswax Eucalyptus/Mint Foot Balm, 3 assorted tea bags, a 6 oz Bee Great Ginger Lemon Honey Spread, and an 8 oz Bee Great Honey Bear filled with Indiana’s finest wildflower honey. 

This gift box is the ultimate in all natural cold and flu relief. Start with a spoonful of ginger lemon honey spread. It works better than a throat lozenge. Then steep a cup of tea and add Bee Great wildflower honey. Take your Love mug into the bathroom and either pour yourself a bath or take a shower and use our bath & shower bomb by placing it directly in the bath water or on the floor of the shower. Let the eucalyptus, pollen, honey, and jojoba oil do their magic. Follow up by massaging a generous portion of Bee Great Beeswax Eucalyptus/Mint Foot Balm on your feet and then put on a pair of warm socks and slippers. Gently apply Bee Great Beeswax Eucalyptus Chest Rub to your chest and put on an old tee shirt to help absorb the rejuvenating oils so they can help keep your nasal passages open as you enjoy another cup of tea.

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