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spreadable honey
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Grilling Pack of Spreadable Honey

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Grilling season has finally arrived!

We all know we've been cooped up far too long in recent months. It's time to get outside and fire up the grill! So we're offering our grilling pack of spreadable honey at a huge savings. You'll get three 12 oz spreadable honeys for the price of two!

With our fruit-inspired spreadable honeys grilling has never been easier. Wow your family and friends with our ginger-lemon, orange, and peach spreadable honeys all summer long. Pork, salmon, and chicken will never be the same. Or, step out on a limb and try any one of them on grilled flatbread, pita bread, or your favorite pizza dough on the grill with a cheese like camembert, blue cheese, brie, or whatever cheese you like best. Did we mention that our orange spreadable honey rockets grilled carrots to a new level, or that grilled cauliflower will be one of your favorite side dishes after you try it with a little ginger-lemon spreadable honey? But don't think that these honeys can only be used on the grill. Try them on pancakes, waffles, toast, English muffins, bagels, oatmeal, yogurt, and smoothies! And of course, they are the perfect addition to your favorite summertime iced tea. 

Size: 3 pack of 12 oz spreads (Ginger-Lemon, Orange, and Peach)

Ingredients: 100% raw honey, a few drops of edible essential oil, and a tiny bit of food coloring. That's it!

How to Use

Grilling with our spreadable honeys could not be easier. Simply grill your meat or vegetables to your liking, and spread on a generous portion of Bee Great spreadable honey. Leave it on the grill a minute or two, and the honey spread will melt over the meat or vegetables. It works best if the honey spread is at room temperature, and always add the honey after grilling your meat or vegetables to avoid burning. For pizzas, just use our spreadable honey in place of - or in addition to - your favorite pizza sauce. 

*It's a natural process. Check out how we make spreadable honey.

 *Health benefits.

*Satisfaction guaranteed.

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