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Free Local Delivery on Orders $35 or more after any discounts (within 15 miles of Churubusco, IN) and Free U.S. Shipping on Orders $75 or More
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bucket o' love bath get well gift set
bucket o' love bath get well gift set
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Bucket O' Love Bath Get Well Gift Set

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As our friends in the South are prone to say, "Have you got the crud? Are you feeling puny?" Then let's do something about it. Let's get some life back in your lungs and do something about that pressure building up in your sinuses. Our family has always been big believers in the benefits of a nice bath or shower when we don't feel well. Our pediatrician even suggested running a hot shower and sitting in the bathroom with the door closed when our daughter was little just so she could breathe the warm, humid air.

The Bee Great Bucket O' Love is the perfect all natural aid to feeling better fast! Each decorative bucket comes with 3 of our Bee Great Eucalyptus Bath & Shower Bombs, 1 oz of our Bee Great Eucalyptus Chest Rub, 2 oz of our Eucalyptus/Mint Beeswax Foot balm, and a bar of our Bee Great Eucalyptus/Mint Goat Milk and Honey Soap.

Our bath bombs are loaded with pollen and honey which help rejuvenate the body when added to bath water. The effervescence of the bath bomb fills the warm air with the eucalyptus oil, helping you feel better with every breath. If you'd rather put it on the floor of your shower, you'll get the same effect. Be sure to use the included bar of soap in your bath or shower for maximum benefits of the eucalyptus oil, mint oil, and honey, which is a known natural antibacterial and antiviral agent. It kills germs without any chemicals or drugs. 

 Once you're all dried off and comfortable, put a healthy layer of Bee Great Beeswax Eucalyptus/Mint foot balm on your feet. Just rub it in gentle and put on a nice pair of socks. Yes, it's oily, but that's the whole point. The beneficial oils penetrate the thick skin of your feet and the eucalyptus and mint oils continue to help improve your breathing. It does wonders on achy joints and sore muscles too!

Finally, it's time to rest, and nothing helps you breathe better while you're trying to rest than Bee Great Beeswax Chest Rub. It's based on the same formula as our best-selling foot balm, so you know it works! Rub it liberally on your chest and then put on an old tee shirt to help absorb the oil and keep the vapors from dissipating too quickly.

What? You're feeling fine? That's great to hear! Surely in this age of COVID, you know someone who's under the weather and feeling poorly. Why not send this all natural get well Bucket O' Love to someone you know today? They're sure to appreciate your thoughtful gesture and be feeling finer than a frog's hair split three ways before they know it.

We've tried to introduce a little levity in the description of this bath set given how serious respiratory illnesses are in this day and age. But in all seriousness, this bath set really does work. We just want everyone to feel better, and this bath set will do it or your money back. Just like all our products, we offer a money back guarantee!

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