mudlove mugs yellow - bee kind
mudlove mugs green - morning memories
mudlove mugs light blue - be the change
mudlove mugs white and blue - indiana crossroads of america
mudlove mugs orange - bee positive
mudlove mugs burnt umber - bee yourself
mudlove mugs rose - queen bee
mudlove mugs plum - bee you
mudlove mugs indigo - busco born
mudlove mugs azure - bee amazing
mudlove mugs light blue - loved
mudlove mugs plum - thankful
mudlove mugs
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MudLove Mugs

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Love is here!

Bee Great has partnered with local artists at MudLove in Winona Lake, IN, to bring you a specially, handcrafted line of bee-themed mugs. Bee Great and MudLove are dedicated to spreading love to you, your family, and your friends. Each of these artisan pieces helps fill the world with peace and hope by bringing clean water to those who need it most. Through the sale of each mug, one week of clean water is provided to people in areas of the world where clean water is not readily available.  The mugs are also microwave and dish-washer safe. They come in a variety of colors and sayings on each mug. Bee the Change and pick your favorite mugs from the drop down menu today and spread the love someone you know while changing the world for people you don’t know. Shop now!

size: each mug holds approximately 16 oz and measures about 4” high and 3” wide, not including the 1.5” wide handle