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Raw, Unfiltered, Wildflower Honey

Raw, Unfiltered, Wildflower Honey

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Honey, honey, how you thrill me... If you recognize that line from Mamma Mia, you'll know what it sounds like when Gabi labels our delicious wildflower honey because we crank up the volume on our iPhone and we all sing along!

Grandpa and Uncle Beauford have acres and acres of Indiana wildflowers that our bees use to make what we believe is the best honey around. The hives are in LaOtto and Columbia City, so they're just minutes away from Fort Wayne. Gabi won't eat anything else. It's light and delicious. It's so pure, you can see your hand through the bottle! We know you'll love it too. As one member of the Bee Great community told us at a local farmer's market, "It'll make your tongue beat the roof of your mouth to death." Now, that's high praise indeed. LOL!

Sizes: (Select from dropdown menu)

8 oz (half pound) net weight bear

16 oz (1 lb) net weight bottle

1.5 lb net weight bear

3 lb net weight bottle with flip top lid

5 lb jug - Best Value! (Approx. half the price per/lb)

*Health Benefits

*Kid friendly! Won't break like glass.

*Easy open lid.

*Capture every delicious drop of honey!

*Satisfaction guaranteed!

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