Fruit Nectars
Fruit Nectars
Fruit Nectars
Fruit Nectars
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Fruit Nectars

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At Bee Great we are always looking for unique products you can't find anywhere else. We've partnered with The Olive Leaf in Bloomington Indiana to bring you a quick and easy way to add elegance to any get together or evening at home.

These Balsamic Fruit Nectars are loaded with fresh flavors of pure fruit combined with a touch of pure, aged balsamic vinegar to create a thick, rich fruit sauce with a depth of flavor that sings in any application!

Drizzle over your favorite sweet indulgences like ice cream, cheesecake, or fresh fruit. Drizzle on your oatmeal, toast, scones, biscuits, or croissants. Add to your tea. Splash into a cocktail. Drizzle on your charcuterie board or over steak, chicken, or pork. It's amazing in rice for a delicious side dish that is sure to please.

Truly a unique culinary experience.

Concentrated Fruit Flavor, with the deep richness of a balsamic reduction

Naturally Sweet & Tart

Drizzle like honey

No sugar added


Includes one 4 oz. jar

Pasteurized, so no need to refrigerate after opening.

It's Bee Great approved, and your satisfaction is guaranteed!

Choose from Blueberry, Apple, or Blackberry

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