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Mite Away Quick Strip Packs

Mite Away Quick Strip Packs

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Bee Great recommends alternating mite treatments so the mites don't get immune to treatment types. We treat for mites 3 times per year. This is one form of treatment we use.  Mite Away Quick Strips are a Formic Acid polysaccharide gel strip which, when placed in the brood chamber of a honey bee hive, is an organic miticide that kills the Varroa mite where it reproduces under the brood cap. 2 strips per hive. Do not remove the white paper from the gel strips. Keep bottom entrances open the full width of the hive. Screened bottom boards can be left open if used along with top entrances. Treatment duration 7 days with daytime temperatures of 50-92° F. 

Includes 1 pack which has 2 strips.

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