bee great’s best lotion gift set
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Bee Great’s Best Lotion Gift Set

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This is simply the best lotion gift set you can find. We’ve included our most popular beeswax lotions, foot balm, and lotion bar. We’ve also included two bonus goat milk and honey soaps. All made by hand right here in Indiana at the Bee Great Marketplace! 

As the weather changes, there’s never been a better time to take advantage of the luxurious feel and rejuvenating qualities of honey and beeswax. As beekeepers who work with honey every day and are constantly washing our hands, we won’t use anything except Bee Great Goat Milk and Honey soaps. And we treat our skin to only the best lotions. 

Bee Great’s Best Lotion Gift Set includes an almond scented foot balm (2 oz), an almond scented lotion (2 oz), a lavender scented lotion (2 oz), a lemon scented lotion bar that turns to lotion from the heat of your hands (1.5 oz), and two bonus bars of Bee Great Goat Milk and Honey Soaps (2-3 oz each).

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